Who Is The New Jack Sparrow?

Will Johnny Depp be the Joker?

The star becomes the next person to don the clown makeup.

Johnny Depp becomes The Joker for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman universe in an eerie new concept design..

Who is playing Jack Sparrow?

Johnny DeppJack SparrowJohnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s EndFirst appearanceThe Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)Created byTed Elliott Terry RossioPortrayed byJohnny Depp (adult) Anthony De La Torre (young)7 more rows

Will the new Pirates of the Caribbean have Johnny Depp?

While franchise producer Jack Bruckheimer reportedly lobbied for Johnny Depp to at least get a cameo in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there are currently no plans for that to happen.

Who is replacing Johnny Depp as Grindelwald?

Mads MikkelsenMikkelsen says Johnny Depp “masterfully achieved” the character of Grindelwald. Everett Collection/Warner Bros. Mads Mikkelsen has broken his silence on replacing Johnny Depp as Grindelwald in the third “Fantastic Beasts” movie, which is now back in production in the United Kingdom.

Who will play Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

Gibbs Actor. Kevin McNally, who portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow’s loyal first mate Joshamee Gibbs, said Johnny Depp should appear in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

What is Johnny Depp’s net worth?

Johnny Depp Net Worth: Johnny Depp is an American actor and producer who has a net worth of $150 million. To date, Johnny Depp’s many successful films have grossed over $3.4 billion in America and $8.7 billion worldwide at the box office.

Is Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

This week has not been a banner one for actor Johnny Depp who is, perhaps, most famous for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Is Zac Efron the new Jack Sparrow?

Earlier this year, reports suggested that the role of Captain Jack Sparrow will be played by Zac Efron. Of course, Efron is not going to play the role of the rum-loving pirate in the next movie as there is a 24-year age gap between the two actors.

Why did Johnny Depp leave fantastic 3?

Johnny Depp has left the Fantastic Beasts film franchise, days after losing a libel case over a newspaper article which called him a wife beater. … He called the libel judgement “surreal” and confirmed his plans to appeal. Film studio Warner Bros confirmed Depp’s departure and said his role would be recast.

Will there be a Pirates 6?

The release date of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is still not announced but there are reports that the next sequel could come out in late 2021. … Depp first portrayed the iconic role back in 2003 in Disney’s Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl.